Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Reflection 10:

Death is frightening. Goods times lips or mind says not afraid of death. However, if honestly pursued, indeed every person experiencing the fear of death. Let alone to die, just a little wound he would be at a loss.

Instability fears of death will only happen if every day we accustom ourselves to realize that we are the Atman, that we are the Spirit, which is eternal and not terbinasakan, while the physical body is just the wrapping container ....

When death is very important even when the crucial moment of one's life meaning. It will give meaning to all the effort and excitement that we get as possible during the 20's in our lives, maybe the 40's in our lives, maybe 60's in our lives, or perhaps only a few flickering eyes we live in this world.

Therefore, it is recommended that people immediately remember the Almighty God at the time of death. Remember and prostrated himself to God in a very rough time leaving the body determines where we are going there in nature. Then, whether as happy as it would come to us bergitu only as a reward for not doing anything? Would he just came to me without you have to do something? No .... Ability to remembering God in the seconds before death is not a reward for not doing anything. It is the result of habituation calls, mamanggil, adored, worshiped, remember, yelling, and gave himself up to God almighty thoroughly every day, yes ... all the time.

Once again do not expect that you have the peace of welcoming death, without having to get used to bring awareness to HIM every day. Only by always remember God at the time of death will happen, and take us to beautiful places in the spiritual realm.

Remember God every day should be part of our character, not part of the "additional living" we. Slowly, he also had to be the most important thing in our lives. After that, then God will pay attention, and perhaps we are entitled to receive a gift to remember HIM at the time of death.

There are two tendencies that annoy someone in this business, namely:

1. TRENDS ignorant and forget that apart from God, all things in this world is not eternal existence,

2. The tendency to delay step of assuming that the deity is a matter of circumstances in old age.

In the second trend, we often overlook that in the age of travel, too many things that are inherent in our inner being and becoming straps Atma / Spirit for fear of leaving the world ... In addition, the journey to old age and also melt slowly made our the paralyzed, people who can not do anything, people who bemoan "dirt" it ....

We also forget that old age does not guarantee to make us conscious of God. We rarely think "terrible moment" in the old days when we did not get a "glance" of the world and the family environment and community. On the other hand, we are not able to open the doors of our inner spiritual because he has been in the "concrete wall" by various ties, whether it is a great bond of knowledge-wonderful world (note: for great pressure on the world) as well as other ties that cause " program "our awareness polluted.

In such circumstances, we can not hope to remember God very well.


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